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Donald or Donella ?

I've just had a pleasant surprise. Smile
If you remember, I was able to borrow a broody hen from a neighbour about a month ago. Well I managed to settle her down in one of the old dog kennels with six duck eggs and today is her 26th day of sitting.
I've got at least one early bird ! Smile I stuck my hand under her just now and found a neat egg shell which had obviously been chipped out, which means that I have at least one duckling in there amongst the feathers somewhere. I didn't push my luck and try to fiddle about to find it but I'm well chuffed.
Some might think that's its not much to get too excited about but what you must remember, is that last year my grand total of ducklings hatched was absolutely zero !
Hopefully, there'll be a few more out shortly and I'll be able to get a photo.
Quite surprise to find the egg shell this morning when all the books I've read say that duck eggs take 28 days to incubate.

Will the ducklings follow the chicken about thinking it's their mother? That should be entertaining in itself!

broodies are ace but the kids might be a bit confused as to why mum does not like getting wet.

mum will probably stand at the brink panicking when the brood decide to go paddling..I've seen that
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