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Rob R

Dormice given a boost

Perhaps of interest to Mistress Rose;

Another 20 breeding pairs of hazel dormice are being released in the wild as part of a nationwide species recovery programme in England

That's good. Very Happy

Mistress Rose

Thanks Rob. I think they are more common than people think in the south of England, but it seems they have declined further north. Some years ago, the Wildlife Trusts did a Great Nut Hunt, which is the easiest way to find them. In our area, they were surprised at how many places had dormice, and we are a red spot on their map!!! Very Happy This was after an 'expert' cast a knowledgeable eye over out wood and stated that we hadn't got them. So husband showed him a summer nest that had blown out of a tree.

Captive bred ones seem to regard people as friends. I once saw one that was carefully shown in a small animal tank for only a few minutes at a time so it wasn't distressed. It 'viewed its audience' with great interest, expecting them to give it a peanut. Very Happy

i found a live one in the gutter in barnsley,after it bit my chum it was relocated to the nearby hedge.

i have only ever seen that one in 55 yrs

the glis glis seems more common than the common one up north
Mistress Rose

It could be Dpack. I don't think there are many reports of dormice in the north.

Trouble is, in spite of it being a native species, not a lot is really known about them in the wild. There was a report a few years ago that they needed 15 year old hazel coppice for the nuts, but that has been shown to be erroneous as the range of habitat available to that group only included 15 year old hazel, none younger, and other habitats that were less suitable. Incorrect coppicing doesn't seem to help judging by some work a lecturer of sons did years ago, so we try to keep to traditional coup size and make sure there are links across tracks, both of which we understand give dormice the best chance. I have only seen the captive bred dormouse, although a few have been seen in our wood, but not by us. I suppose a nocturnal animal that sleeps 6 months of the year or more and then goes around in the trees and bushes, having a doze if the weather turns cool is not the sort that is the most obvious. Very Happy
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