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dormouse orchard

we have a picking morning next saturday at ten am if anyone would like to come and join in they will be very welcome

and find us at friends of dormouse orchard on facebook (whatever that is as i dont understand it yet Laughing )


the orchard is between the pub and the main road ,parking at the back

talking of dormice - did anyone else listen to The Living World on R4 early last Sunday morning?

at last we have the expectation of getting a formal agreement in the near future Very Happy

we had an email from the land agents and should have a meeting fairly soon.

hooves crossed all will go well.

I have never seen a dormouse Sad

I have never seen a dormouse Sad

Definitely never seen one with hooves. Confused
Mistress Rose

Hope you get the agreement sorted satisfactorily Dpack. I haven't seen a dormouse in the wild, although I did see one that was part of a breeding programme. Rather nice, and viewing its audience as it equated people with food. And no-it didn't have hooves, just rather pretty little paws.
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