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Downsizing abroad (for a fortnight, perhaps...)

Saw this in an in-flight magazine and thought of you.

Ahh, a traditional Swiss yurt, how lovely.
Penny Outskirts

You wouldn't want to fall out of bed in the night would you Shocked

Now lets do the risk assessment, oh......

You'd have to go easy on the fermented rancid yak's milk I think - the entrance looks a little bit near the edge... Shocked

Like the idea though Very Happy

Nice idea but look at the price. jeez.

why take the yurt
places like that are there to be experienced
as to h n s .. dont go
or live life

Behemoth wrote:
Now lets do the risk assessment, oh......

Bloody risk assessments, you'd never do anything!
Just Jane

If you don't fancy a yurt how about an igloo? - a bit more seasonal at this time of year
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