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Draught down chimney

For years we have run a Kinder Gas Fire with no problems. There are 5 houses on our estate of the same build type (2 story detached). Our chimney was twice as high as all the others.
When I had solar panels fitted I reduced the chimney height to the same as the others to avoid shading problems.
Since then we have suffered draughts down the chimney with the fire NOT ALIGHT. When lit, the downdraught stops and fire operates ok. I have had it tested and passed by a qualified gas engineer.
The obvious solution seems to put a tall chimney pot on top but I am not totally confident that this is the right thing to do. There are a variety of chimney extensions from spinners to H section, slotted etc.
I am wondering if anyone can help me with the technical side of why the downdraught occurs and help me towards the correct solution.
There is a bungalow next door on the prevailing wind side and no other features like trees around to affect wind flow. It happens even on still days/evenings.
Tony L
Ty Gwyn

Lloyd i think you need to ask yourself,Why was my chimney higher than the others,
And if it worked perfectly well when higher than it does now its shorter.

The old saying,if it works why change it.
Mistress Rose

Think that is the answer. Your chimney, for some obscure reason to do with the way the wind eddies round your estate, may well have needed to be higher. Afraid you will have to look at some sort of extension on it, ideally to get it back to the original height.

Or just put up with the downdraught.
Mistress Rose

A cowl of some sort might work too, but not completely sure.
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