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Dried Mushrooms

I dried field mushrooms in my airing cuboard on some parchment paper, forgot they were there until today! (youll get used to me .. promise).

I put them in a clean jar as per ds instructions, and then put some paper over the top of the jar top and screwed the lid on.

However the jar was not jam pack filled (ok I know it wasn't jam!!) to the top with the mushrooms, it was almost to the top but not tightly packed if you understand me.

Will this keep OK like this, they were all perfectly dried, I was impressed to be using the airing cupboard again for preserving stuff.

Also made a lovely batch of wildmushroom and (various) other items soups, and a nice celeriac, butternut and wild mush one too, with a little tasbasco and ground peppers ..for use during 'flu type bugs.

Leek and Tatoes waiting to be turned into something for winter then we should be well on the way to hibernating safely Sad

As long as they are totally dry then they should be fine


If you look at the jars of wild mushrooms you can buy, there is practically nowt in 'em, whereas when you pack shrooms into jars yourself you'll be pushing them down a bit to get more in. And then, of course, as you use them you'll have a jar with less and less in... The air doesn't seem to harm them as long as you keep the lid on tightly.
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