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Drilling Metal Question

I've got one of these fire saucers and one of these tripods.

If I could stand the tripod on the rim of the saucer the height of the grill/pot over the fire would be much more adjustable. The legs of the tripod are tapered to a point so if I could drill three holes in the rim of the saucer it would be reasonably stable. What sort of bit do I need to use? I'm assuming that I'd need to clamp a bit of wood to the back for stability wholst drilling.

hss twist bits

yes, clamp a back support to it

for thin metal start with a small bit, then a medium/ final , ( then final size if hole is to be bigger than the thickness of the metal )

dont press too hard, it is a cutting tool not a piercing tool
for the second/3rd pass use a medium to low speed

using oil or washing up liquid as a lubricant on the drill bit tip will help

washers both sides will help stability and longevity when it gets to bolting the legs on
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