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Castle Farm

Drowning not waving.

Of all the benifits to man over the last 2 decades the internet is surely up there with the best of them.
All the advice and information available is truely staggering,just at the click of a mouse button.

It's like a deep pool and people that have discovered they have an interest in something go 'online' for more information and advice..but there lies a problem.

This deep pool has people just dipping their toes in the water, still sitting on the bank.

Others have plunged to the depths and are still out there enjoying the pleasure of knowing the comfort zone they are in.

And I'm afraid many more, that once they are in knee deep think that they know the perils and pitfalls of deep water and activly incourage those sitting on the banks to dive right in and drowned through the bad or misinformed advice of poeple that don't know they are way out over their depth.

So how do you know if your being tempted into the abyss..You don't, but common sence can usually save one from making the same mistakes of many others.


up to my ears in offal.
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