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dry skin and dull coat in dogs

Both of our collies have dry skin and dull coats. They have an anti flee and worming product once a month, the flee product works so we know it's not flee related. We also had the vet check.
They're a bit fussy about food and we were finding cats/kittens eating dog food and dogs eating cat/kitten food. We added cod liver oil to the dogs food, which they love and now we don't have any problems with them eating cat/kitten food. They've been having various wet foods plus biscuits for about 3mths however the problem's been there for about 8 months. The vet told us to give them antihistamine to calm the itch down. She also told us there's a vet prescribed product available but it's very expensive and she only wants that if al else fails. Neither of the dogs has been sterilised.

Any suggestion for their coat problem would be much appreciated Smile
Ty Gwyn

I presume they don`t have access to Fresh Cattle and Pig manure?

I know its not what you wanted to hear,but their coats are never dull,lol.

fish oil /oily fish in the diet

a nice warm shower with a sponge and foam and stuff and a fluffy towel (that is ki's suggestion)

brushing to remove loose fur ,dandruff etc

lots of exercise ,meat,

i know it is heading to winter but clipping the fur short each year really helps with long coat dogs

Any particular shampoo dpack?

A local dog trainer told me that adding a tablespoon of sunflower or olive oil to the dog's food will keep the skin and coat in good condition. I do it when I remember and Moppet's fine. She is a long coated collie/border terrier cross.

Any particular shampoo dpack?

aussie 2 in one shampoo and conditioner seems to work quite well

I'll give that try dpack, thanks.

The vet suggested sunflower a oil and a dollop of margarine amongst other things. I'm just impressed she didn't reach for the prescription pad. The dogs love cod liver oil so much they do their best sit and drool until they're told to go to their bowls.
Nell Merionwen

I have been told codliver oil, olive oil and EPO in the past. I've never tried any though as Georgie sems to be soft, fluffy and shiny most of the time. Luck of the draw I guess.


Seriously, look it up.

Actually apple cider vinegar is good too.

cider is a roma treatment for dry fur /bad skin (dogs ,horses or people )

cider vinegar diluted for mange etc (im not sure about that as there are better things to use )

We've never had this problem before, so very happy with any help. I've used apple cider vinegar to stop a rabbit for over cleaning it's back, it worked as I remember.
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