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Please could someone tell me the best way to dry a whole orange and orange slices?

Thank you. Smile

Do you mean a segment rather than a slice? A fan oven on its lowest setting usually works. But I'm not sure there'll be much left.

very thin slices,shake in a bag with sugar,dehydrator or very cool oven on racks.

or crystalise as fatter slices by repeated treatment with hot sugar solution,reducing liquor between dips ,then dry.

I have (accidentally) dried a whole orange by leaving it on a shelf above a radiator in a draughty hallway

In the warming oven of an Aga. You do need to look at them once in a whie though I know. The second lot I did I forgot about and they shriveled to tiny unrecogniseable brown things

Thanks all. I'll try the slices in the oven and I'll treat a whole one the same way I would if I was drying chillies.

Christmas decorations?

Christmas decorations?

Yes indeed. Very Happy Not long now.
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