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Duck Advice (part 2)

I have recently acquired 2 Indian Runners. They were advertised as 2 years old and female. I have had them for a fortnight now. I am hoping to have some eggs soon, but having never had ducks before have a couple of questions:
Do ducks go off lay in the winter... when can I expect them to come into lay?
How can I confirm that they are female?
Many thanks.


Male Runners have a tail feather that curls upwards generally; & are more colourful

My runners lay but very erratically; if they live amongst themselves ie not with chooks or other fowls, they tend to lay anywhere & everywhere within there domain...that is to say, if they live in an enclosed space

This is my experience of Runners...other experiences are available

They are very funny

Had my first egg today!! Very Happy
However another query... neither have the curly tail feathers that mousjoos suggested, but I have seen them mating - does that mean that I have one of each sex or do females sometimes mount each other like cows do? scratch

Curly feathers didn't develop straight away....& sometimes I've had 4 of them "at it", with only 1 of them a female

They're still funny

I agree they are very funny!!
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