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duck and chicken eggs

One of my ducks has been trying to get in on the action with one of my broody hens.
I don't have a drake so her own efforts are pointless.
the broody has hatched 2 chicks from her original clutch and I have moved her into a small run as after 3 days there have been no more chicks. the other eggs are later deposits made by the other hens which are part incubated and I couldn't tell which were her original few.
I excluded all comers for a few days to give her peace and quiet.
this morning after I moved mrs chicken and her small family out, mrs duck made a beeline for the house and tidied up. cleared out an egg with a dead chick in and settled down.
I don't know how much luck she will have but has anyone had success with ducks bringing up chicks?
we only have a washing up bowl for the ducks to do their ablutions in, but will she try to teach them her duck like ways??

iirc broody hens can raise ducklings,not sure about the other way round.

no harm to let her sit for a while to find out.

if she does i hope the chicks are "waterproof" Wink

I had one chick hatch earlier in the summer under another duck,
it was the same day as another clutch were hatching so I carefully snuck her out from behind the ducks back, avoiding her anger and popped it under the hen. the duck then continued on to hatch her brood 2 weeks later!
she was sat looking quite content when I checked on them a bit ago.
she had pulled the nest to order. she built a great nest around the eggs when she was trying to kidnap them, lined it with her feathers and built up the sides.
my hens are a bit more slab dash. one had taken up residence in the collecting trailer of a ride on mower on top of left over grass clippings. Rolling Eyes
I will wait and see....
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