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Ducks and Red Mite?

Having just had to blitz my chicken sheds for red mite yet again, it set me to thinking. I've never (touch wood) had a red mite problem with my ducks. scratch Have I just been lucky or don't the little beggars like ducks? They've definitely liked my chickens this year. Mad

Everyone I know has had an explosion of it in the last few weeks. I swear it was in my ears at one point. My ducks never get it though.

I've never had as many red hot baths and showers in my life. I went to clean a couple of chicken shed out this afternoon and there were so many of the little sods that I sprayed everything in sight and I've closed the doors on them. I wont stick my head back in there until tomorrow. This year I've used every spray known to mankind. Smile
Liz in Ireland

3rd outbreak in one coop this year Mad I think that they have learned to crawl through vaseline Twisted Evil
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