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My funny ducks are challenging me and i have a question.
they are young, started laying at easter. I had been leaving the eggs in the nest but shifted 12 out of 24 out when they had been left for so long.
anyway one of my hens took a fancy to the pile and took possesion of the nest. she is determined and to be frank blooming nasty. she drew blood when i was near the nest.
i have, risking all my fingers, shifted her into a clean nest box, and left her with 12 duck eggs to cover.
One of the ducks has been returning to the nest at night and giving the hen earache. she then climbs in behind the hen and starts poking under the hen with her bill pulling the eggs to her side. She gets up in the morning and wanders off for the day.
does anyone have a simular experience? I dont have anywhere else to put the hen as my other small house has another broody sat tight on 9 chicken eggs.
the hen on the duck eggs is not being detered by the interferance. but do ducks often leave their eggs during the day and return at night or is she just a bit daffy?
stumbling goat

Ducks wil leve their clutch of eggs and return later. Natural behaviour.We have had a duck lay 12 eggs over the course of 12 days, and incubate them for 12 days. At various time she would cover them with straw and grass and then return later. Sadly corvids had them. Other Duck clutches are almost buried among nettles or thistles and you almost have to dig to uncover them.

If it were me I would remove the broody hen, l have had to relocate 2 such hens recently, sitting on other hen's eggs. And I would allow the duck to have it's turn.


Thanks SG
Thing is, Donna the duck isnt anywhere to be seen ALL day.
i thought if she was going to succesfully brood the eggs she would need to stick with it?
i just thought this way i may get both ducklings and chicks.
i tried putting some eggs in another box for the duck but she went back to her origional spot.
what if i physically move the hen in the box to another part of the shed? and put some eggs in for the duck to sit on in the spot she started off in?
i could find some heavy duty gloves! Shocked

When I went to tuck in the poultry last night the plot had thickened!
Two broody grey chickens like spatchcock bookends on the duck eggs with a female duck trying valiently to get in the middle.
So today I have created more nest boxes. i have lovingly piled up new straw. wearing heavy duty gloves I lifted out the very cross second hen and offered her a clean nest full of chicken eggs all to herself. she took a bit of pursueding as i had also made a nest of duck eggs she liked more.
I plonked the duck in on top of some fresh duck eggs and retreated.
All was well last time i checked. The drake is standing guard in the shed doorway, hissing at all commers.
The cockrel had been called in earlier, with his blue peackeeping beret on. It's p***ing down here so anyone without a nest box is huddled muttering mutioniously under the nearest shelter, drawing lots for the last available nest box.
I'm loving every minute and needed to share! hope your day is going well.
stumbling goat

Our ducks have abandoned the duck house on the pond and are now laying in among the thistles on the backside. One is nesting in a large shrub of nettles. Even though I know where to look I have had to start digging about in the old vegetation to make sure I get them all and do not end up with more ducks!

Keeps you on your toes!

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