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Rob R

Eco-home with land up for sale

The only catch is that it's in the South Wink

PDF link

The solar panels wouldn't have worked up north, silly Wink

You've reminded me I told my friend who is selling up I'd post a link to her smallholding on here. I'd get onto it this evening.

What about the environmental damage done earning the money to pay for it?

That's a tough one to get into as, for a full analysis, you'd have to come up with estimates of what would have happened to the land otherwise (housing estate? non-eco friendly house?) and, assuming that the money would have been earned anyway (as the job presumably needed doing), the environmental impact of other things that the money could have been spent on.
Rob R

It's a weird one to get into as it implies that everything you do has an impact, which only leaves the option of not existing.

What about the environmental damage done earning the money to pay for it?

Same could be said for the NHS and all public services.

As it has in effect 5 bedrooms though I wouldn't personally call such homes 'eco' unless 3 or 4 couples are living there.

Even if it does have plenty of benefits it looks very expensive to me considering it has an ag tie and only 20 acres.

Anything in that area is expensive.Dorset is the new Cornwall. Rolling Eyes

So how do you farm 'bottoms'?
Does the Ag tie allow you to farm other things?
I thought that Westminster had the monopoly on farming bottoms.
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