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Edible pumpkin seeds - what variety?

Just tried a bag of pumpkin seeds for the first time. They are green. Nice to nibble.

Would like to try and grow our own next year/one day. Anyone any idea what variety of pumpkin has tasty seeds? Or do they all?

The ones in the packet that we are eating - are they likely to germinate or will they have been cooked.

I don't know but I would like to because Boris puts them in bread.

Think Lady Godiva and Baby Bear are the best for eating seeds. Triple Treat was also good, but seems to have been discontinued everywhere Sad

There is several pumpkin varieties that do produce these green hulless seeds. Usually all squash and pumpkins have seed 'coat' over the green seed, though all of them are edible, it is hard job to start peeling them.
There is couple well know 'heritage' varieties of hulless seed pumpkins...Styrian Hulless and Lady Godiva..but it can be hard job the get hold of these.
If you look at this site..
..they sell several hulless seed pumpkins seeds. I've ordered from them loads of seeds many times..I can highly recommend as I haven't had a 'hic up' yet with any of the orders.
BTW..usually you only grow these hulless sort for their seeds only, the flesh of these pumpkins are not really worth of eating. They can be quite course and stringy.

Just found that Chiltern seeds sell variety called Kakai and Styrian(pumpkin nut)..hulless type..

Thanks everyone. If the pumpkins are too coarse for us to eat, I bet the chickens will scoff them down.
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