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Wife shut up the run on Tuesday night and managed to miss our first egg on the floor of the run which I found early the next day. She wasn't at all surprised to have a very small speckled egg shoved into her sleepy face at 6:30am Sad

Anyway during the day we got two more, one looks appreciatively darker than the other two so I'm suspecting piri piri (which I've just learnt is a speckled maran)

All three about half the size of a normal egg, they sit on a teaspoon quite well.

(pics on

Hurrah! But I didn't get to eat them Sad

Hopefully we'll have some slightly larger eggs to take away camping with me tomorrow!

Yay - well done chooks.

The first egg is always very exciting and the second and the third....

I can't wait to collect my eggs every day Smile
Nicky Colour it green


They're just very good to look at.

I leave mine out either in a variety of expensive-ish bowls because they look so good.

Throwing axes and hens - is that an egg laying incentive?

Throwing axes and hens - is that an egg laying incentive?

Just forward thinking if they stop laying.
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