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Eggshell colour - gone from brown to white...

If I'd asked this question a month ago it would just been about our 4 newly acquired ex-batts, whose eggshell colour went from a fairly deep brown to pale fawn/off-white in days; now, though, the rest of our hens' eggs have undergone the same transformation. Some of them are virtually indistinguishable from our duck eggs!

We've kept hens on & off for 14 years & never experienced this before, although in fairness these are now the oldest hens we've hung on to, excepting the new ex-batts of course.

I feel sure there must be an explanation & I'm sure one of you will enlighten me...please!

They've run out of pigment!

Look at their eyes and see if the toner light is flashing.....

It's a pigment thing - I notice it in particular in the Barnevelders, they get very light towards the end of the season. Hot weather also seems to affect it, you only need a few days and they go really pale.

I think the proprietary feeds that the barn egg layers are fed on contain additional pigment to keep shell colour up.

You could try feeding more maize if it bothers you? That helps yolk colour as well. I know that the 'big boys' are offered a yolk-colour-chart by the feed manufacturers - they pick a colour and the right amount of pigment-producing stuff is put in the feed. Maize and marigolds are the two that spring to mind. Lots of fresh grass helps, too.

Going off topic - yolk colour, agree totally with everything Chez said, especially access to fresh grass. However I do think breed type may make a difference - my Cream Legbars run with the flock, same food, grass , pen etc but the yolks are pale and not just one bird , all the Legbars.

As for lack of shell colour again - what 'she' said Very Happy

You are lucky you are getting eggs! Our Aracauna has stopped laying and started crowing! I mean really, WTF?? Laughing
Barefoot Andrew

Look at their eyes and see if the toner light is flashing.....

Very Happy
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