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Green Rosie

Elderflower champagne help needed

I have made a batch of elderflower champagne but realised after bottling it that I did not add any vinegar as stated in the recipe. It appeared a bit more syruppy than normal with a touch of scum on the surface. It has not started to fizz.

So, have I messed it up completely or can it be rescued ... or is it even safe to try and rescue?

Did you put yeast in ? - if not - do so !

Personally I never use vinegar. Lemon juice or citric acid is all my ferments ever get in the way of acids !

No you haven't wrecked it at all - it's just not started yet Smile

Edit PS tip it out of teh bottles back into your bucket and start your ferment in the bulk.
Green Rosie

Thanks Falstaff - I did add lemon juice. I have Doves Farm quick yeast - is that OK to add direct and if so how much?

A quick google shows that to be bread yeast - It should be ok as long as you're not going for high alcohol levels.

I haven't seen your recipe but I'd say juice of 1 - 2 lemons, 1 tsp yeast and a quarter pint of strong black tea per gallon (5L) - and a damn good shake to aereate the brew - should be enough to have it working away shortly ! Cool

Edit - yes just chuck it in , it'll do fine !

Then get yourself one of these

and learn how to be a happy camper most of the time Wink
Green Rosie

Thanks Falstaff Smile

I added a teaspoon of bread yeast to mine yesterday.
It is now fermenting very nicely.
I did add cider vinegar at the beginning, out of curiosity as much as anything else. I also used lemons.

Was your ferment stuck too Snowball ?

I really can't imagine why the people who write these recipes don't use yeast !

- Well they do ! - but they rely on that on the flowers already - wierd !

Yes, well, it didn't start.
I think the idea is that it uses the natural yeasts in the air.
Works for sourdough bread, but not elderflower champagne it would seem.
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