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Elderflower cordial fail!

I made rather a large batch of elderflower cordial (12 litres) to this recipe this weekend (minus citric acid cos I couldn't get any):

It smells lovely but just tastes sweet with a hint of something.

I can't find the recipe I used last year but I seem to remember steeping the elderflowers in water rather than the syrup. Whatever it was it did actually taste of elderflower.

Any ideas where I've gone wrong? I guess the acid would have made it sharper but it wouldn't have made it more floral would it?

no idea but when you wrote "fail " i was reminded of my batch of elderflower tincture that looked and tasted like chemical waste Rolling Eyes

Could you decant a small amount and try adding some lemon juice to see if it makes a difference?

Perhaps the acid helps extract flavour instead of/as well as adding its own flavour?
Jam Lady

What was the proportion of flowers to syrup?

I'm puzzled that the recipe mentions peeling off the zest, then slicing lemons and combining with syrup & flowers. Apparently the zest is not used? The whole lemon, zest and all, is sliced and used in the recipe I use. I also use citric acid. Fruit Fresh, to be dusted over cut fruit to prevent browning, is the most readily available. And when I make mine it has a 3-day steeping period.

OK, forgot the recipe said to pare the lemons, I sliced and crushed whole lemons. I used 1.9kg of elderflowers to 10kg sugar and 10 lemons.

I've ordered some citric acid but any sure fire rtecipes that I should use before I do it again?
Nicky Colour it green

did you pick the flowers on a dry day, in full sun? makes a difference to flavour
Nicky Colour it green

my recipe is:
elderflower cordial

20 heads of elderflower (picked on a sunny day)

2 lemons

1.8 kg white sugar

1.2 L water

50g citric acid

Peel the lemons, aiming to get only the yellow zest and not the white pith, and place in a heatproof boil along with the elderflowers. Squeeze the juice from the lemons and add to the bowl. Heat the sugar and water together, dissolving, and bring to the boil. Pour over the elderflowers and add the citric acid.. Leave overnight. Next day strain through a sieve and bottle. I tend to keep it in the fridge, or freeze it to keep even longer.

I generally process the bottled cordial (tops a quarter turn open) in a pan of cold water,raise to 190 F and hold for 20 mins then close tops and remove from pan to cool.

I haven't had any problem with cordials going off or fermenting.

been too busy to trry again, will let you know how it goes.

Never heard of steeping them in the syrup, that's not right. Here you go, my thirty year old method, never failed me. Smile

1 colanderful of flowers, as much green removed as possible, but I don't worry too much

water to cover


Place flowers in pan and cover withcold water; simmer for about 15 minutes or so, strain, and measure the liquid. Return it to the pan and add 12 ox white sugar to each pint of liquid. Heat getnly until sugar is thoroughly dissolved. Leave to cool, then store/process/drink as desired.
Use diluted as squash; also makes lovely summery ice lollies

Will I remember next year? Thanks

i recon i will always remember that elder flowers + vodka does not = a nice tincture but actually resembles a phenolic based industrial waste Embarassed Laughing

thanks dpack!

I made elderflower and needed steeping to get the most out of the rose time I'll use darker petals and steep longer to get colour and fragrance from the rose petal addition to the elderflowers

rose petals are ace as an infusion.
just off the boil water, steep 15 min with a cover, sieve ( chill if required ) and use soon
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