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elderflower cordial

I know its a bit early, but..
Ive been looking at recipes and it seems pretty simple to make.

BUT, one recipe says add citric acid. Why would you do this? Is it to preserve?
The reason I ask is that I think Ill pasteurise the bottles of elderflower cordial I make as i want them to last quite a while.

Yep. It's a preservative. I'd guess you could leave it out if you're pasteurizing, you'll need to use it up once opened though so bottle it in smallish volumes.

anyone made it? Sean?

Recommend a recipe?

I think we usually use H F-W's recipe here. But with a bit less sugar. If I'm wrong then Jamanda will be along to correct me. We freeze ours to preserve it.

Nicky Colour it green

elderflower cordial

I make it - we freeze it and only have a bottle at a time in the fridge, so dunno about preserving qualities, but it does need some sharpness for flavouring. Once left the citric acid out and it wasn't as nice.

my recipe:
elderflower cordial

20 heads of elderflower (picked on a sunny day)

2 lemons

1.8 kg white sugar

1.2 L water

50g citric acid

Peel the lemons, aiming to get only the yellow zest and not the white pith, and place in a heatproof boil along with the elderflowers. Squeeze the juice from the lemons and add to the bowl. Heat the sugar and water together, dissolving, and bring to the boil. Pour over the elderflowers and add the citric acid.. Leave overnight. Next day strain through a sieve and bottle.

That's about what I do, less sugar though. Whether or not I use citric or ascorbic acid depends on whether I have any in. If not I'd use extra lemon juice.

I freeze it in plastic milk cartons.

Thanks these comments are useful to know.

I think we usually use H F-W's recipe here.

I too have used this one for the last few years. The stuff is very good.

anyone made it? Sean?

Recommend a recipe?

the cordial went mouldy even though it had been made with boiling water

the infusion in vodka went black(oxidised phenolics at a guess)

i suspect it might not be as easy as follow a recipe Embarassed

ps the commercial stuff seems to keep well,we have a half used bottle of alcohol infusion that is fine and a couple of years old Rolling Eyes i blame the preservatives for making it nice . Laughing

Yes, it does go mouldy without the vit C. That's why I do it in small batches and freeze. Lorrainelovesplants

But you could pasteurise it?
Unless adding the citric acid adds to the taste?

Citric acid will certainly add to the flavour. It's deliciously sour.

It's what makes lemons winky.

without citric acid it'd taste very unbalanced with all that sugar. The sugar/ acid balance (when diluted) replicates that found in fruit juice.
I add a dribble of metabisulphide solution to my syrup. In sterile bottles, this keeps for a year.

Why not just bring it to the boil immediately before bottling ? as per jam or the like ? Confused Lorrainelovesplants

Well, Ive started the elderflower cordial, and Ive just made Elderflower champagne. Ill be bottling it into screw top glass wine bottles, so hopefully, this will be successful. Nicky Colour it green

I'd never bottle elderflower champagne in glass bottles. Lorrainelovesplants

In case of explosions? Laughing Nicky Colour it green

In case of explosions? Laughing
absolutely - it isn't that nice if a plastic bottle goes.. glass is lethal

and you can feel how tight a plastic bottle is and move it to the fridge/ let some pressure off before explosions

seriously, I wouldn't use glass

No, I know. Im being flippant. Ive started bottle conditioning my cider in glass bottles. It took a lot of experimentation before we got bombproof! Smile
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