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Eliza the Gallery

I've received several emails from these people inviting me to be part of this new online gallery.

Initially I thought it was Spam/junk mail but today's email was to me personally from a real person.

My instinct says this isn't the direction in which I should be going - I should be focusing on my own website and spending my energy approaching bricks and mortar galleries where I would like my work to be seen.

However, before politely declining the offer I just wondered whether an online gallery like this would appeal to a certain type of person?

Doesn't help that the website is rather poor quality and slow.


I don't like it. I don't think the way it's set out does the pictures justice. I couldn't imagine buying anything through that.

I can personally vouch for them Very very nice people and a very good business, she sells a lot of paintings through the gallery and pop up galleries and shows that she does.

I am a commercial picture framer by trade and meet Bella at the Manchester Buy Art fair.


As a non-arty one, I'm afraid that the website doesn't do much for me - clicking on the images doesn't bring up a larger image, and there's no way I'd buy anything having only seen a thumbnail.
Interesting concept though.

They've tried too hard with the site and failed but that can develop. Might be worth having a preliminary chat with them and see what is on offer. If for nothing more than making contact and hearing about other possibilities.

The Website is not their primary source of marketing or selling, they are very proactive doing all the major shows, they also have pop up galleries in 4* hotels.

Don't judge the proverbial book by the cover.

No harm in talking to them but the site is certainly not up to the hype. Even the exhibition info is three months out of date, December 2013 and nothing listed for this year. I agree the photos are too small and need to enlarge as you click on them.

Whether the site is primary or not it should reflect the level of the market they they are aiming at.

Probably all comes down to the deal they are offering you to participate.

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