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Emailler glitch?

I've just had an email from the forum dated 1st November informing me of a new private message...
And another which appears to be a copy of the first...

Not a big problem at my end, but it suggests that something odd is happening.

I was just about to post about this as well.

I had noticed (months ago perhaps) that I was no longer getting emails about replies in threads, or private messages.

Suddenly my gmail keeps vomiting up downsizer emails now.

Me too.

Me too

no emails here but i dont have that activated on my profile iirc i turned it off as it got too busy a couple of years ago:lol:

Three pm messages but nothing there.

Quite disappointed.

Three pm messages but nothing there.

Check the dates of the messages: I'll bet they coincide with messages you did have...
Perhaps the server has dropped through a temporal rift?

I've got about thirty emails and people texting me asking if I'm sending them PMs.

I'm not. Leave me alone.


You knows it.

all still seems fine here.

i did have a blocked "something something exe " that avast caught this aft while logging on to ds on the vista machine but it still works fine as does this one (linux) .

i thought it a bit odd as it is very rare that any part of ds triggers the "mines" and i assumed it was one of the other various things running.
thinking about it ds timed out via spybot around the same time but when i ran the scan it only caught WHAT SEEMED a bunch of low level pup's that were mostly from allow the whole page to enable looking at the pictures in the daily telegraph.

i recon multi examples of email and pm traffic is a bit unusual and possibly on the main servers but as only some of us have the problem on your machines .

full scan time folks Rolling Eyes

Just woke up to 155 new emails, most of them downsizer topic notifications. Gmail is still sorting them by their appropriate dates.

This is an odd thing that has been happening. It's like someone is kinking the hose and then letting them all through at once weeks later.

Pro Tip: Never look into the end of the hose that has suddenly stopped flowing

I've had just over 5000 so far today from my ds accounts!
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