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Embroidery silks


I want to embroider a design on a white shirt does anyone know if the silks are colour fast as item would have to washed?


Jam Lady

Cut a few inches off each color. Place each separately in a little dish of water with a drop or two of detergent. Leave overnight and see if any color has been released.

Maybe worth doing a wet rub test too, just get some thread wet and rub it against the cotton

Couldn't you just wash the threads before embroidering with them?

Some dyes will always leach a little, unless the thread packaging says different it's worth testing

wot tahir said, what jam lady said and what sean said

pre washed thread will not bleed as much as "fresh" but if it is important still do tests to see if you need to wash it some more.

silk tends to take and keep dyes quite well but so does fresh white cotton as a secondary

Mistress Rose

Most embroidery 'silks' are cotton, and I agree with the others. Put the thread on white cotton when wet and see what happens.

Many thanks all.

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