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Sorry to use caps.

Neighbour has a nest of bumblebees above her door, discovered by builders.

Builders say 'Yikes its stripey kill it.'

Council say 'We can't move them.'

Result is they're going to brick/tile them in after having killed them.

Could we smoke them out (with a proper smoker obvs.) beforehand?

Any help asap would be great, the bees have got till dark. 9am tomoz, the council arrive.



In the absence of any other replies, I would say surely smoking is worth a try to save a few, rather than kill the lot Sad

um tricky for the bees,if it were me i would work round them,ie re tile re brick but leave them a hole to use as a doorway

relocation might kill em anyway imho but

any help?

Funnily enough we noticed bumbles going behind a facia board today. They have a nest!

The garden is full of bumbles going about their business, bumbling from flower to flower.

Why do some people want to kill everything?

We have a roll of fibreglass matting in the porch of the cabin which is now home to a bumbles bees. It's staying that way for the foreseeable.

I don't know if it there are actually more bumble bees because there are so few honey bees or if it just seems that way...

We are lucky we still have bumblebees.
Mistress Rose

The nest dies out each year so if it could be bricked round with a hole, that would solve the problem. Bumble bees don't tend to sting unless you put your hand or something on them. I know, I once got stung by one on the back as I was sitting into the car.

how goes it for the bumbles?
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