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Emergency downtime

We have had a series of drive issues on the RAID array downsizer is on.
I have taken one full system backup this morning, but will shut down completely at midnight and move us somewhere safer.
Downtime of a couple of hours or so expected.


Nasty. The RAID controller issue that is.
Penny Outskirts

Shocked hope all goes OK

It's not a good night for servers.

But then I'm in charge of approaching 500 virtual ones right now.....

See you on the other side...

So what else do I do to keep myself amused until my late shift is over?! Ah work I suppose Cool
Rob R

Only 15 minutes to liftoff...

it's like a prequel to the 2012 thing...I'm still ere...anyone hanging on out there ?

and up

Hurrah! I don't know what you did, but thanks.

technically not a lot, shut a server down exported it and started importing it before it had fully exported and got the timing right so the export completed before the import caught up.
We have moved to somewhere technically identical albeit if the RAID is working better it may seem a little faster.
I contemplated adding resource, but IMHO downsizer is plenty fast anyway.
Liz in Ireland

No idea what you mean..........but well done Very Happy

Never felt a thing! Laughing
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