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End of 1st year.

This is my first year of keeping bees. I bought a 9-frame colony in spring from a local beekeeper. Since I got them, I've moved them from National frames to Dartington hives and 14x12's, had swarms, cast swarms, had marked drones mistaken for queens (my first year, remember - the drones were marked before I got the colony), created nucs with swarms, had a new swarm from my sister (very dark wild bees) who fought ferocously with a cast swarm from my colony when I united them, balled queens, new queens, 2 stings, 2 jars full of delightful flower honey, and varroa treatments (although not much seen). I've now grown that original colony to 3 full-sized colonies that seem to be doing fine.

So an eventful season with them, and a very rapid learning curve.

Am looking forward to loads of honey next year. I let them keep all the honey this year, bar 2 jars i got from some broken comb.
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