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end of cake soap recycling

Does such a thing exist?

A thing that you squash all the little end bits of soap bars together to make a new cake?
And has anyone done it?

And is it worth it? Laughing

Not exactly this, but you can put all the bits in a jar and add boilng water to 'melt' it and make it into a sort of liquid soap for washing hands etc. Not as convenient as having a cake of soap though.

No, I knew of this, but the thought of putting your hand into cold slimy goo....... Shocked puke_r
Nell Merionwen

BA has one, I'll poke him to find out where it came from.
Myself, I have a loose knitted jute bag that I stuff them in and then use the bag like a bath sponge. I like it a lot....

used to get little round plastic mould/press from somewhere like Kleeneze.
Mum had one, melted the bits with some water and squished them in to make kitchen hand soap bars.

Grate all the odds and sods,add some rose water,and nice smelly essential oils.Squidge together into balls,and leave to set!

Like the last idea.....

will look at Kleeneze

Thanks chaps!

My nana used to do this, I havn't done it since I was tiny but I;m sure we had a mould...

I just squish the end of the old bar on to the new bar.

My nana used to do this, I havn't done it since I was tiny but I;m sure we had a mould...

Flower press?

Bath-sized bars get transferred to the handbasin when too small for bathing. Then the remains of handbasin soap get smeared onto the nailbrush so it is ready-soaped for use.

My nana used to do this, I havn't done it since I was tiny but I;m sure we had a mould...

so did mine
She wouldput all the bits in a bowl over a pan of water, like melting chocolate
mix with a stick, pour into a glycerined mould (plastic box/yog pot)
leave to cool and set Smile

Well, all my friends will definately know Im Scottish......but Im going to do it...
I do like the idea of having a sliver in an old knee high hanging by the outside tap though....handy for those 'Ive just touched chicken shit' moments. Laughing

I pop all end-of-soap remnants into a small mesh bag that I got with some clothes washing tablets. The mesh bag keeps them all together and they eventually 'bond' into a single lump. The mesh provides a slight abrasive so great as a soap scrub for bathtime.

Otherwise, just nuke them in a microwave to melt them, pour them into a mould (ice-cubes?) to set.

I suppose you could use one of those little boxes for taking soap with you when you travel. Just soften the odds and ends up a bit and squash them into half of the soap box and when they've hardened up get it out with a knife. Angel

I soak leftover bits in water til they go gooey, then add an abrasive and sometimes some lemon juice.

Brings up taps and draining boards lovely Smile have also found that it makes mucky men a little cleaner than normal soap (and according to other half cleans para boots in half the time). Also works really great on windows if you are in a high silt/seagull area.

There was something about this on that Channel 4 programme with Mrs Moneypenny from the FT - Superspenders vs Superscrimpers or whatever it was called. One of the latter said she microwaved her soap remnants with olive oil to get a new bar.

Incidentally, am I the only one bothered by the fact that all the "superscrimpers" have been female so far?
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