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English strawberries

in the shops now.

They may have been grown in england, but I doubt they were exposed to english weather at any time. Laughing

True enough, but that's the way 99% of strawberries are grown nowadays, even in places like Spain. Obviously all the more reason to grow your own and relish the flavour for those few weeks when they're the most fantastic edible in the world.

Funny enough dad and I were talking about stuff like this last night, I say funny because he's a classic for wanting stuff out of season but he now bemoans the lack of flavour in plums, strawbs and even pineapples (anyone else remember "normal" orangey skinned pineapples that used to be sharp at one end and the most lusciously juicy sweet thing you'd ever tasted at the other?)

Even Indian/Pakistani mangos are the same now, what used to be a 6-8 week season of some of the most fabulous fruit you've ever tasted is now a 6 month season of mediocrity.

Progress my arse.

Refridgerating them doesn't help either. Kills the flavour. I got some British strawbs the other day and everyone in my kitchen thought I was mad leaving them on the table to go squishy - didn't stop them eating them though!

Currently enjoying wild strawbs on the hedgerows here...mmmmm!

I reckon Welsh strawberries won't be allotment plants are covered in flowers!

Cambridge market has plenty of local (by which I mean grown in and around Histon, for the most part) strawberries now.
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