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English Sweetcorn

In the farm shop this saturday
Rob R

Mine are just flowering Very Happy

mine have started setting but nowhere near ready

None here yet.
Hmmm, barbecued sweetcorn with chilli butter, drool.

We had the first of the local Welsh sweetcorn last night, it was fantastic. The guy we bought it from said it was the first year he'd ever had it ready so early Very Happy

Ours are nearly ready: hoping they'll be big enough for when the in-laws come in week and a half, so they can have a home-grown meal!

mochyn wrote:
Ours are nearly ready...

Ditto here. Must be something to do with the Welsh air.

Mine aren't Crying or Very sad

Yum, sweetcorn again tonight, baked in their skins and eaten with plenty of butter and pepper. Splendid Very Happy
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