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environmental democracy

putting aside any other issues related to brexit or even the consideration of passing an enabling act to give executive power to a government minister over virtually all environmental regulations and protections regardless of the credentials of the present holder of the relevant post is risky

linky that indicates it may have implications beyond the obvious ones.

the possibility that such a treaty may have been overlooked seems high, i had never heard of it although it seems like a biggie if it has such far reaching implications for domestic decorum.

FotE have form for finding good legal means and advice so i recon the case may well have merit.

if it wasn’t such a serious subject i would be howling with laughter at such an oversight in protocols, as it is i will await developments.
Mistress Rose

I hope it was just overlooked, but in the light of other failures, such as contravening the rights of the disabled by welfare cuts, I am not certain that was the case.

iirc the UN considers the UK gov in breach of treaty agreements regarding the treatment of the disabled.

the lack of action over air pollution is also in breach of international treaties.


Yeah. The UN doing nothing. It’s so toothless.

agreed re the enforcement of treaties etc by the UN, toothless in minor stuff like this and totally overwhelmed by things such as the balkans, ruanda or sierra leone until it is rather too late to unspill blood.

going by may's greenwashing speech today the rspb vote might be considered to be an issue but there was no mention of fossil fuels/agcc or failure to stick to air quality standards.

it seems unwise to believe her bright new green shine to be more than a thin layer of polish.
Mistress Rose

I would agree with that. I get the impression, perhaps wrongly, that she is lining the UK up to be a place where industry of the worst sort can do whatever they like.
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