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Estuaries & Bass

Anybody know anything about bass fishing in narrow deep tidal estuaries?

Dunno, I definitely don't, anyone else?

The guy I was talking to said spinning was the, no fail, killer method - he didn't seem to be doing too well though. Confused

live sand eel or peeler crab
j11 rapala works well to

Re: Estuaries & Bass

Darma1 wrote:
Anybody know anything about bass fishing in narrow deep tidal estuaries?

Any particular one?

Darma, I have just started looking into it and doing it, Bass follow the food supply. They will take spinners, mackerel, peela crabs, sand eels, flies and more, so you can pick the method you will use to try and catch them, Bass are a very aggressive fish and if they want something they will snatch it, you can try estuaries between the months of March through to September maybe October, Bass also run some rivers.

You could join Gower Rockhoppers, it's a bit quiet at the moment

You could also join the Salt Water Fly Fishing website it's free to join,
don't bother asking for Bass marks as most anglers won't tell you where they fish, they treat it like a secret society lol, send me a PM and I will tell you where I fish.

You could always try fishing shops for info while buying your tackle ask the person who is selling you your stuff, does anyone here fish for Bass or do they know of any Bass marks.

If you are going to fish estuaries safety is vital, one minute you can be happily fishing the next minute you can turn around and that's all you can see is water, that's scary, it hasn't happened to me yet but do your homework on where you are going to fish, start off somewhere that's really safe. What ever you do take a mobile phone with you.

You could also ask people down the pub or where you go to socialise does anyone fish for Bass, as it's a very popular sport.

If anglers are prepared to share info and knowledge with you, then I would suggest in a nice way you repay the courtesy, if they are not prepared to tell you where they fish, you should not be prepared to tell them anything.

Good Luck Wink

Sorry I didn't get back to, SWH, will PM you.

Thanks for all the advice. Very Happy

Darma, no probs, I shall look forward to the PM Wink
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