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Green Man

Ethical Shares

As I stated yesterday, and avarage Brit is in the top 1% of the richest people on the planet. If you have pensions or investments that hold portfolio's of shares do you consider where your companies are based and if their practices in business live up to your downsizer ethics. Are your companies paying minimum wages, exploiting children or poluting waterways to pay for your retirement?
As wealthy company owners, shouldn't we be asking ourselves this? I am currently pumping oil into the North Sea today. Embarassed

in general, the views of shareholders who's shares are part of an investment package are not considered for voting at the AGM.
The company that holds the shares on the investor's behalf gets their votes... what they do with them is anyone's guess.

I have the past mooted the idea of setting up an investment company who's purpose is to cast those votes in an appropriate manner, with making profit a secondary motive.

As yet, I don't have any investors... Confused
Green Man

Shareholders have the biggest vote .......s Invest or not to invest.

Shareholders have the biggest vote .......s Invest or not to invest.
Unfortunately, the biggest shareholders tend to be institutions. Admittedly, they are ultimately investing someone else's money, but the individual investors are several steps away from the frontline so considerably less able to make a difference.

Saying that, the kids' CTFs are invested in ethical funds, and doing rather nicely.
oldish chris

I have two pots of money, company pension scheme, over which my amount of control is virtually nil, so I don't worry my pretty head over it, and some savings (mainly the lump sum from the afore mentioned pension scheme) which is invested via the Cooperative Bank.

In answer to the question: yes I do consider how my money might be used and by whom.
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