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Eurovision gets weird(er)

Bonnie Tyler represents the UK
Tony Iommi out of Black Sabbath writes Armenian entry.

Yessss!! Go Tommy Ommy !!

There was a lovely little indie folk act in the Estonian finals - Tenfold Rabbit. Didn't win, but would probably wasted on Euro anyway.
Finsky should make it all more interesting contest then.. Laughing
I just wonder, 'who ever came up with the Bonnie 'idea'? Rolling Eyes
She is ok...but in EU song contest?

Where is it this year? Not France I hope?

Where is it this year? Not France I hope?

we hope not as well

Its in Malmo,Sweden.

...and is Terry still going to do it? Laughing That is the best bit...watching his face getting redder and redder as the show goes on.....waiting for the inevitable slip... Laughing

Thought Terry was dumped for Graham Annoyingtit.

Terry retired several years ago..and yes it is Graham Norton, who's nowhere near as funny...

We have a little eurovision party every year and mark the acts out of ten in various categories...not as much fun as it used to be now they have semi finals and the potty acts get weeded out!

Oh.... Embarassed shows the last time I watched it...

the funniest thing is seeing which team has done best at avoiding the expense of winning

cheap telly is ace unless you pay for it next year


a bit like a slow bicycle race but with added oddness to music
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