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Evidence that presentation does count

Doing 'follow ups' this morning to potential card stockists - not my favourite job.

One I really wanted to get into was Ruthin Craft Centre which has a fantastic makers shop, gallery, artists workshops and of course, a café. I'd sent a sample pack mid April and thought two weeks was long enough to wait for a response.

Spoke to the shop manageress and her first comment - after apologising for not replying but she'd been away, was how nicely packaged and presented they were.

So, that extra time and small cost of a neat box and a bit of white tissue paper (about 50p), which at the time feels like a faff and an overkill, does make a difference.


Absolutely agree with you as long as you balance the outlay against the cost of the product by adding it onto the price in the first place.

I received some components for my jewellery with a thank you for your order card, all wrapped in tissue held together with a sticky logo'd label, then boxed. Well impressed that they appeared to care about their products and the condition they arrived in to the client.

Mr B and I have made a concerted effort to change to simple black bags with black and white tissue and labels with the logo on which we print off ourselves and laminate. The labels are tied onto the goods where possible with plain thin black ribbon and because they are laminated we can stick a price label on the back and reuse them where we can. Carefully wrapping items in tissue at the markets and putting them in a bag shows you care about what you make and treat it with respect. Hopefully the clients sees it as a precious object too then. Lots more to do but it's a start to get more professional and look as if we know what we are doing LOL

Midland Spinner

I agree, we get compliments for our packaging when we post things out. Although we re-use packaging wherever possible, I write the address with a calligraphy pen, wrap things nicely in brown paper and send a neatly calligraphed thank you for your order. Even the post office have commented on our parcels.
Mistress Rose

I agree that packaging can be important, but as Mornie says, you have to balance the cost, and the product with the packaging.

We sell our greetings cards in a plastic envelope with a paper envelope, and a sticker on the back to say they are blank inside. Some people have complained about the plastic, but it does keep them safe when people are handling them, and will also stand a little rain; important at outdoor fairs.

Being in the woodland rather than the craft industry, presentation is not so important with orders; it is more whether it will stand going through the post.
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