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ewe with prolapse

As title says, she is about 4 yrs old, no past lambing problems,it is only a slight vaginal prolapse...she is due to lamb anytime now,(scanned with twins) sometimes its just a tiny sort of black "nodule" others its a bit bigger and pink,only seen when she is lying down, it all disappears when standing. should I do anything or not???? Thanks

You can get a retaining harness to put on her which will stop her prolapsing. Your local agricultural merchant should stock them

Thank you marionb, she is now sporting one.,luckily we had bought some last year which we didnt use,so fingers x'd

I wrote a few articles on lambing, some years ago now. They are here on downsizer, I use them myself as I tend to need reminding from one to the next! They show up as the first three articles on my latest articles list on the left but that might just be on my pc.
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