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Ex dairy equip needed

I need airtight storage for my finished cider and dont want an IBC container (1000L) as its too big to deal with/move.
Im thinking possible milk tanks if I can get them smaller than this in SS, or 200L bag in box type bags, but need a supplier.


Also couple of SS counters/table/sink. cheap and 2nd hand is great.
Rob R

By milk tanks do you mean churns? A stainless churn will set you back quite a bit, not sure if they do plastic ones that big.

no not churns, big tanks at the dairy. Im sure Ive seen small SS tanks before for small dairy herds to hold milk in till the dairy comne to collect.
Rob R

I'm sure there were some but they'll mainly have been converted or sold for scrap. Bulk tanks aren't usually airtight at that size though. Not many modern dairies will be sending such a small quantity.

Today's random S/steel tank fact: The New Zealand wine industry was kick-started by the removal of subsidies from their dairy industry.

like, but hardly practical. Laughing
Rob R

Yeah, we never have directly subsidised our dairy industry. Deregulation over 15 years ago might be the equivalent, but again a little too late.

These no good?

I think you will find milk tanks pretty heavy compared to ibc's, as they come with double skins and often removeable refrigeration kit attached. I would look towards the lined plastic box and a sack truck and or pallet truck for movement perhaps.

Hairyloon, I already have a very similar type of blue drum. I was intending to use these and the other blue drums I have for fermentation, but looks like Ill haver to use for finished product too.

Ah well, one day.
Paul Sill

Mole valley's free ads often have 2nd hand bulk tanks, or find your nearest supplier, they often take old tanks as trade in's. We use KJR but they are based in Barnstaple. Be difficult to find an air tight one. But they might be able to advise on the best way of doing it.
Jam Lady

Just a thought - could you obtain barrels with removable lid and line them with a sturdy, sealable bladder. Yes, it's plastic, but it would be easy to handle smaller-than-full-barrel quantities, discard and replace between fill and refill.

My rain barrels are white plastic with lid held on with 4 clips. They were used to ship pharmaceuticals, which were actually in plastic bag-type liners. The barrels were protection against punctures.

Thanks guys will look at these ideas.

it might be worth phoning the firms that fix n replace food industry kit for a scrapper of the right size
Ty Gwyn

Would a canteen tea urn or frothy coffee maker as in old type Italian cafe`s be in line with what`s needed?

no not big enough. Ive thought of something - something Hairyloon said made me go back and look at an alternative.
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