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excel fault with sum function

Im sitting doing accounts like I do every year, and have been trying to reconcile one month. Its on an excel spreadsheet and for some reason I cannot get it to add up correctly. Have been checking on the calculator and the sum function appears to be rounding up.

Can I override this?

So - Im adding a column and the total is being computed as 1698.4, but its actually (and Ive checked this 3 times) 1698.37.
the next column is the same - computer says 1005.6, but its 1005.58

Shoild be an option to display to 2 decimal places or smetimes it lets you format the cells as and thst automatically displays as 0. 00

cant see where?

found format and changed from general to accountancy, 2 decimal places. Recalculated - same. grrr.

That sounds like you need to go to 4 decminal places

If 1005.58 is in fact 1005.587 it might still be rounding up

edit:The other option is rounding elsewhere in the spreadsheet

managed to do the 2 decimal places thing and then another problem appeared, but a friend in Glasgow said make the column wider... Rolling Eyes .

all better now.

Still hate computers.

Should we change the thread title to reflect the fact that there was no fault with Excel? Wink

dont be mean.....
Not my fault Im not computer friendly.....
My ageing brain just seems to have reached capacity....
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