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explosive cider

had an interesting evening last night.

Ive been experimenting with bottle conditioning and have produced a rather nice medium lightly sparkling cider which I quaffed last night. My sternist critic, (my son) pronounced it to be 'bloody lovely mum - 9/10'.

So, I then opened a very experimental medium bottle conditioned one with a hint of elderflower.

The cider erupted out the bottle all over the wall, the woodburner and my hair! After cleaning up, and a bit of swearing from my long suffering husband, we sat down to drink. Now its only been sat in the bottle for 4 weeks so its raw, but, 'interesting' taste....

Im chilling a bottle today to see if this makes any difference to the 'fizz'......

if it is in glass bottles please be careful,ie gloves and eye protection.

i have had a couple of near misses with refermenting in the bottle

I find elderflower to be 'volatile'. Elderflower champagne is only ever opened outside due to the Vesuvius effect Smile I wonder if that is contributing?

Ive had bottles in the fridge and they have behaved very well.

Votes are in - its the bottle conditioned black top that will be appearing in the pub shortly (which is good, cos it was easier to do than the other one).
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