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Facebook business page

For those of you who have a 'business' page on Facebook - do you think it is worthwhile having the page set so it has star ratings and reviews?

Thoughts please.

I think it's a double-edged sword. I have mine open; and I ask people who come on my courses to write me a little review. I have a couple of low ones; but not from anyone who has actually left a comment about why they have only left one star, which I think is a bit off.

I like it better than Omlet because you can respond to the reviews if you want to.

It means having my address on display, which until now I've been reluctant to do, no reason, so if having the star ratings and reviews is beneficial that's fine.

Do you have any 'control' over the posts i.e are you able to remove any or is it just a case of responding to them.

Also if I change my mind can I revert back to non star rating status?

I'm not sure, but IIRC you can get rid of reviews but not the star ratings. And you can switch them off again.

Thanks Chez I'm going to give it a go Smile

I did have it for my vintage business, and it was ok, I had the same thing with a couple of lower votes, but absolutely no explanation. I had a unit in a bigger shop though and sometimes people confused my page with being for the whole place rather than my seperate business. I run it from home and have a website now though so don't need to do it. I looked at your FB page though, it's really nice, will like it later. I think it's a good idea to give it a whirl!
Green Rosie

I have FB reviews on my Eco-Gites of Lenault page - for a while I had several 5 stars, one 4 star and one anonymous 1 star. I then asked you lot to add some reviews to help bring up my average. The one and 4 stars have since disappeared. You cannot remove any reviews, that can only be done by the person who added it and you cannot comment on anonymous reviews ... although it may be that no-one can now post anonymous reviews. In reality the whole starred review things is a rather unrealistic view of things which I always take with a large pinch of salt. You can always switch back to not showing your reviews if you want.

Thanks everyone - I'll give it a go for a while, see how it goes.

I'm pleased with the way it works at present - I have quite a lot of interaction and response to posts and find it a useful way to communicate with people re.sales ( especially for fresh eggs ) so not sure why I'm meddling with it really.
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