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Farming problems

Where to put the lambs while the baby little owl is having a snooze on the ground in the corner of the shed?

I didn't have a camera on me as we had gone up to work and very hot it was too. We are finishing shearing tomorrow and the lambs needed to be separated from their mums and left in a secure field overnight. They will all be let back in with each other tomorrow once all the ewes are shorn and there will be a lot of noise until they all find each other again.

It was very nice to see that chick. We had only seen one owl this year but there are obviously two back nesting in the sheds. They are very used to us working around them but I did wonder if we would end up having to pick him up and stick him up on a beam out of the way.

Glad to hear there are owlets this year. Need a photo though! They'll be all grown up by the time I get there.

where did felixlix go?

yes, spam, but not as wierd as some...

The vortex.
Rob R

I blame the rabbits

I wonder what the research involved...
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