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I have an old feather duvet with a hole in it.
Before I throw it out, is there any use for the feathers?
Should I perhaps put some out for the wildlife to use for nests or do they generally prefer their own?

dug in around fruit trees and bushes etc they work well as slow release nitrate booster compost.

a duvet makes a useful pad under collapsed chair cussions

Patch the hole.

Any use for an animal rescue place at all?

Any use for an animal rescue place at all?

Re-feathering bald ducks?
Mistress Rose

Possibly not Sean. Laughing

You could either patch the hole or put it in a new cover. If it is too far gone generally, as the others suggest. If you use the feathers outside make sure they are well buried or it will look like a ducks graveyard.

Bag the feathers & sell them in small quantities on fleabay.
Very Happy
Bound to be crafters in need of stuffing.

Has anyone got any spare tar?


give me a couple of days Laughing
Mistress Rose

Yes, get it from our charcoal kiln. Very Happy All woods produce some tar and if we don't do a long burn we get left with some.
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