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Feeding Free Range Pigs.

Our pigs have the run of the woods,and get fed twice a day on pignuts.
Due to the dry weather,there is not much about for them to forage for,and they seem very hungry.
Is there anything else that we could bulk their feed up with?
They do get all the windfall fruit,and veg from the plot.
Nicky Colour it green

pigs always seem hungry...

How much feed are you giving them?

I pull weeds from elsewhere on the holding for them to munch on.
Thistles (they love the roots, fat hen, cow parsley,long grass, chickweed.
Just about anything other than docks, wish they liked docks.
Also trimmings from the veg plot, turnip tops, outer leaves from lettuce & cabbage, pea & bean plants when finished cropping etc.
Mrs R

Id go by condition rather than appetite - do they look well fed?

Nat S wrote:
Id go by condition rather than appetite - do they look well fed?

Pigs will after all, eat almost as much as you can give them. No problem for them to eat a double ration all in one go...

we feed fodder beet and potatoes as well as pig nuts, we've had to cut down the amount of spuds we give them as they big girls, are erm ...very fati'm sure the ladies don't like to be called that let alone written about them and our KK boar was getting so big he couldn't do his job Shocked

pigs will eat and eat - hence the term greedy as a pig I'd suppose
tedfold cottage farm

Do they look well covered with nice springy hams?

We feed traditional or trad crosses 1lb of pig nuts per month of age up to 5 or 6 months of age (per day, preferably divided into 2 feeds).
Breeds/lines/individuals that tend to get fat we limit to 5lbs per day. If you like you can replace 1lb of nuts for 4lb of fruit/veg etc.

If they still protest their hunger then they are fibbing Rolling Eyes
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