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Feeling a bit gothic?

Three beds, good sized garden, quiet neighbours, 150K(ish)....
Auctioneers Linky

Lovely !

very nice, but a bit small for us......

Oooh I wish I was ready to move - that would be perfect
Jo S

Conservatories and uPVC aren't very Gothic...

Please can you call in and ask them how they got away with double glazed windows (let alone upvc) on a Grade II listed. Nice though. Are you moving? Jamanda could fit hens into the garden then. Smile

It was only listed in 2002 - perhaps the extension / UPVC / etc was installed before then?

Ah, that will be it.

It was only listed in 2002 - perhaps the extension / UPVC / etc was installed before then?

It was my understanding from talking to Historic Scotland, that when they did their last extensive trawl for domestic properties to list, they automatically excluded from listing any building which already had modern extensions or obvious modern repairs / renovations / replacements, such as to windows or chimneystacks.

Interesting why it's listed, then, unless criteria are different in England.

In England buildings are listed 'as is', complete with uPVC windows, plastic gutters and modern additions. It can raise problems when new owners want to replace such monstrosities with more appropriate elements, as Listed Building Consent is required and many people fail to realise the fact.

Looking at the listing here it seems that the Lodge is part of a blanket listing of the whole cemetery. Curtilage buildings often get listed even when very few original features remains, whereas this house has only suffered the indignity of inappropriate windows.

Must resist, must resist, must resist............

Must be in the dead centre of town Wink Laughing

Everyone is dieing to get in Laughing

I'll get my coat
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