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Feeling a little smug

Our new neighbours mentioned they were planning to get rid of a large car port from their garden. It's constructed from old garage doors, strong steel uprights and cross-members, and square-corrugated roofing.

MOH wants (needs) a workshop, but we haven't really got the readies available to buy one.

Cue brainwave! I asked the neighbours if, in return for help dismantling their car port, we could have the bits it's made of! Cool

MOH and a friend have spent today dismantling said car port. There's enough bits and bobs to create a workshop 16 feet by 16 feet! Cool All it'll cost us is a few paving slabs and some sand to bed them into, to make a base.

Cool freecyle for the sand & slabs.

Hadn't thought of that!

Hmmm, what can I offer on freecycle to get back in, I wonder! Or rather, to get IN in my (new) local area, 'cos I haven't freecycled since living here.

Its wonderful when something like this wont see himj now he has somewhere to play in

well done vanessa and other half,wonder how long it will take to fill it up with "work in progress",voice of experience here and a lot of the projects are mine. Smile

Not long, knowing my hubby!! Laughing It will be exclusively his domain, so the mess, muddle and work in progress will be his, too!! Laughing And the lost tools Laughing Laughing Laughing
Rob R

Hmm, can you freecycle for clean rubble and suchlike? My main worry is that it's 'waste' and you'd need to license to carry and accept it - though if there's a loophole, that'd be great - went to the tip the other week and they had a whole skipful most annoying.

nothing is waste until its heading for disposal, until then its a useful product to someone, even if they dont know it yet.
Rob R

We have an EA exemption but I'd have to dig it out to check the wording, but wasn't sure if I could advertise for it or whether it'd be more trouble than it is worth.

Plenty of ads on Freegle for rubble for hardcore, etc
Rob R

I might give a go then. Smile

It's classed as Hardcore rob... yu just advertise or collect it as hardcore for building... theres your loophole Wink

V. Brilliant, isn't it great when things like that happen.

I'm after some old red bricks, don't have to be ancient but they do have to be used, I don't want new, but can I get hold of them in Derbyshire, the grey building stone capital Laughing
Rob R

Well, while joining York freecycle I have just found an article on where to recycle tetrapacks and it's right on my route into the city! Cool Not that I get many of them, but I have been saving them up...

thats great news i love it when that happens no waste and and a new project have fun building it xx

There is a very lively freecycle lot of people round really well and amazing what gets given another lease of life.
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