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fencing across stony rocky pasture with little topsoil

One of my boundary fences runs over shaly ground with rock below surface. It's on a shallow bank. The original fence has wooden posts, put in (heaven knows how) about 30 years ago. They are leaning.
I shall have to lose a bit of land but would metal fence posts do? The old fence is eroded by next door's sheep snuggling up to the bank.
I only want it to last about 10 years'max, hope to have moved on by then. Any experiences/suggestions?

I had a similar problem with fence posts , I used a super heavy steel spike/pry bar thingy to make the pilot holes , though it was reallt frustrating , as I kept getting close to the depth I wanted then hitting unpassable material. I had over a 100 posts, it took a couple of weeks, not including the time I had off due to the hole I put through my hand Crying or Very sad
What about pulling up the old posts and reusing the holes?Or can you ram hardcore down the sides of the wonky posts.

Good luck Smile

I would leave the old fence where it is, if it is still stockproof. Or hire a professional fencer. If you do it yourself you need a pinch bar like Bungo decribes and a heavy mell - the heavier the better.

If you do need one of those spiky bar things, B&Q do them for about 25. V handy.
three ravens

try: chas, field brothers in ciliau aeron they should be able to help. if you need their number let me know

I've got nothing constructive to add but it's good to see the question covered in the clasic Farming with Dynamite Laughing

Don't do it yourself- I'm still regretting the damage I did by doing too much myself on my (very small) smallholding.

Get a contractor to put the posts in & then add the fencing wire yourself.

I think a contractor for only 3 posts is a bit extreme on my budget! At the moment I have a temporary electric fence - and it's possible the heifers have moved on, in 20 acres of up and down hilly pasture they may not bother to come up here very often!
I know the Field bros, 3 ravens, they are very good but it would cost a bit to get them here, let alone doing the job!
Where would one get metal posts from? I was reading about them on the Net, but it was a US site!
Thanks everybody, anyway. I have a hand auger, various folding bars, etc, but am "waiting for the weather" now!
oldish chris with abundant stones and a life of 100+ years,
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