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Fibre broadband

Can someone enlighten me how fibre broadband works? Our exchange has been upgraded (no one tells you, you just have to keep checking). I gather it's FTTC, i.e. fibre from exchange to our local cabinet and then over the existing phone line.

This is what I don't understand, although we're using the same phone line we need to buy a different router and take out a longer contract. I had assumed the current router would work, just a bit faster, and we'd only need a special fibre router if fibre was laid to our door, i.e. FTTH.

Your 'normal' router may not have the protocols required to squeeze all that extra bandwidth out of copper hence the need to change.

beware the "good deal"that gives more speed but charges extra for more than say 20 g per month .
we dont download films etc but a couple of books each and some surfing news sites ,here,there some research etc etc can lead to needing a broadband meter to help staying inside the 20g

I suspect the current router you have doesn't have a CAT5 fibre port and that is why you need to upgrade.

Once you have fibre you no longer connect to your phone line using the rj11 cable like you do at the moment but BT leave you a white router that connects to your phone line and from there a CAT5 cable runs to your new router.

So just bear in mind you'll have two devices that you need to connect to the Internet so make sure you have a spare power socket or get a two way.
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