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Fibre Frenzy Weekend: September.

I find I have free weekends in September! Anyone fancy a Fibre Frenzy? If you haven't been to one before: a weekend of doing stuff with fibre, fleece, yarn, fabric, felt...

Yes, with the usual proviso that I can't commit until the last minute because of Possible Complications. And not at the beginning of the month, because my Big Girl is starting Big School!

Could well be interested if fit enough Very Happy

Nice to see you back-around, by the way, Luath.

So far so good. It won't be the first weekend because I'll be time-travelling.

Would love to, any weekend but 7/8th Sept. blobl4

Me...... if every thing goes to plan..... Rolling Eyes

I will be able to come I hope.

I'd love to come, but could only make the weekend of 21-22 September. Hoping that's what you decide on.
wellington womble

We are a definite maybe. Depending on too many things to make a decision until nearer the time, as usual. We'd love to come, and which weekend probably doesn't matter.

Love to,if I can share transport with someone.

I think by then we might have some free weekends and as I have been hoping to be able to come to one of the fibre weekends for a while, and would love to bring the Sherbling to the farm, I will have to try and make this.

Just check you don't clash with Jean & Martin's birthday/fibre weekend - that's in September.

I thought we were combining the two and having a fibrey birthday bash?
Nell Merionwen

I thought we were combining the two and having a fibrey birthday bash?

That's what I thought Confused
I doubt I could do both and will definitely be going to the birthday bash.
Liz in Ireland

If I can organise myself can I come to Snowball's one even if I currently know nothing about fibre? I could learn....... Very Happy

Liz, it would be lovely to see you.
Everyone who thinks they like us is welcome to the birthday party. Fibre frenzying will be optional.

Having discussed with the SO he says he is happy for me to go to the fibre weekend and bring the Sherbling as long as he can tease us about going away for a weekend to eat all-bran and prunes Smile

September is a busy boating month round our way ,I'd love to come but I bet it will clash with some event I cannot miss.
Maybe it's time to sell the boat and buy a camper van?
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