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Some advice please.

We have a small boat (apparently, I had no idea) only problem is it is very old and has a small but critical hole in it. Can very old fibre glass be repaired? Does very old fibre glass become fragile and not quite suitable to pop out to sea for a spot of fishing and general messing about in?

Fibreglass should last indefinitely. The gel coat may get tatty and cracked but that can be repaired as can old fibreglass. If you do decide to repair get some advice from the materials supplier they should have the knowledge to advise what to use.

YouTube is good.

i though old fibreglass boats had issues with the resin breaking down.

as lives depend on an intact hull advice from a boatyard might be a good idea.

im sure mechanical damage can be patched but im not too sure "old"can be

As long as there is no de-lamination of the fibreglass, there is no reason why you should not repair the hole. Fibreglass is actually surprisingly easy to work with. I would suggest a laminate of chopped strand mat and woven glass mat for strength and durability.

Thanks, I haven't had chance to go and unearth and have a look at it. Apparently it's next year's project.

I know nothing about doing the job, but a friend I watched once just bought a load of the sheet material and covered the whole boat he had with the mesh stuff and resin, worked for him; well he used the boat and is still around! When I said 'does it leak?' he said 'only in one place the rest is insurance!'
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