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field blewits/juniper

i came across a new patch today ,got 3 medium sized ones so i went to check one of my regular spots and got a kilo or so.

i recon a couple of coldish nights has dropped the soil temp enough to get them fruiting.

it might be worth having a look at your favorite places Wink

the juniper berries are ready as well so i got half a kilo of them(a years supply) there was at least another 100k in the trees so it seems it has been a good year for them.

i cant imagine they go well together Rolling Eyes but never mind Laughing
Mistress Rose

I have only seen wood blewits in our wood a couple of times, but I will look out for them as it is supposed to be getting colder.

the blewits are doing well ,i got quite a few today and there seems to be a good crop of many autumnal shrooms (not that i spotted anything more edible than horrid or dead Rolling Eyes )

Surprised to find 3 nice blewitts today as I'm a little South of you dpack but they'll go well with a couple of eggs for breakfast ! Cool

Also found several large lactarius in ancient woodland which had been felled - Not ID'd yet - but hopeful Smile

I've never gone for blewits before. Are they worth it? Do they tolerate sub-freezing temperatures? (we're forecast to get down to -3 celsius tonight)

I expect the freeze to push out some oysters

Are they worth it ? - Dunno mate - They don't taste very "mushroomy" but some say they have a pleasant "flowery" taste. They're not UNpleasant, and I eat a lot of them. They can cope with being frozen solid and thawing out though and they absorb a lot of water if it's damp or rains, so you sort of partly fry and partly boil them - just let them steam away until the water is gone and then eat them.

Let's put it like thsi - I do eat oysters because of the fact that I can - but if you're looking forward to oysters, Blewitts could be a real treat ! Very Happy Wood Blewitts are nicer imo

Edited to say - Blewitts are also easy to find as they grow in "fairy rings" !
Mistress Rose

No sign of our wood blewits. It has been quite dry here lately, so not too many fungi about at present.

button sized field blewits are delicious fried ,in quiche etc, or in stews and curries,big wet ones are best salted,smoked and pickled.ignore any that are wormy or dissolving (as usual practice).see smoked mushrooms for methods.

they grow through the winter and tolerate frost well unless the soil is deep frozen so a patch is worth visiting regularly even after chilly weather

wood blewits are ok as well but seen quite rare in the north.

oysters are ok ,they smoke and pickle well

of the cold weather shrooms my favourites are velvet shanks(dont eat the shank as it has the texture of dock stems Laughing )

Thanks for reviews dpack & Falstaff

they grow through the winter....

Nothing grows through the winter here! Laughing

mmm you have a point,i've seen photos of your weather

velvet shanks might i have found them at minus 10 c ,frozen to the trunk but very edible.
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